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IBAN: NL74 TRIO 0212 4877 79
* Beneficiary: Stichting
  Jeel al Amal

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A video of the dancing girls of the kindergarten is on You Tube.

It is the first video made with the camera, that we we were able to buy thanks to our Dutch donors. It was filmed by Abed El Majid (Grade 8) and Jibreel (Grade 6).


Last updated 2015 - 03 -16

A present from Poland

Volume 8 - JEEL NEWS - Issue 1
February 4th 2015

To the friends of Jeel al Amal

Even now, in winter, the children enjoy themselves on the slide, the swings and other playground equipment. Because of the green, soft ground they can play safely. The bright colours make you happy and give a sense of freedom. The freshly painted walls and the new plants have made the place a little paradise. Whilst playing you catch your breath in this Peace Garden. See also the previous issue, click here.

Gift of the Polish delegation
It had been a dream for so long. For over 40 years the naked, hard rock bottom served as playground. As of November 4th 2014 that has changed dramatically, thanks to a gift of the Polish delegation in Ramallah for the renovation of the playground. On that day Mrs. Alexandra Bokwska-McCabe, the Polish Ambassador in Ramallah, came to open the Peace Garden. She was accompanied by a delegation from Warsaw and representatives of the Papal Mission for Palestine (PMP).

With the Papal Mission for Palestina
Sami El Yousef, regional manager of the PMP, held a speech. He was proud to have cooperated with Alice Sahhar, founder of Jeel al Amal, in the past. He was glad to become acquainted with the next generation of the Sahhar family.

Dancing ‘Dabkeh’
The esteemed guests enjoyed in particular -on their way out to cut the ribbon- the wonderful surprise of the girls dancing "dabkeh" which is the Arabic traditional folklore dance. The tunes of the song from the Palestinian heritage made everybody feel that they want to dance and spread beams of joy.  

Generous Polish ambassador
The opening of the playground was celebrated extensively. The Polish ambassador made a complete tour of Jeel al Amal. She focussed her attention on the children. She brought joy and we were bewildered by her generosity and her great heart. She handed out sweets, but also pencils and other drawing materials. Right away the children started to draw pictures.

Playing-ground for the little ones
It was also wonderful to see the little ones from the nursery and kindergarten storming into their “Peace Garden” and playing joyfully around.

It was a moment never to be forgotten to see the joy and smiles on the faces of the children. It is something that words cannot describe. It captured everyone present.

Peace Garden
The garden was called Peace Garden as we pray and wish peace will prevail in our troubled region. And also for our children to play in peace in a beautiful garden normally and freely just like other children around the world would. This is lacking in Palestine in general and in Bethany in particular.

Next day we received a phone call. Our visitors said that they were really impressed and very glad with all they had seen in Jeel. That was great to hear!

In the media
The news was in the Palestinian Newspapers, in the Polish media and on the Facebook ‘Poland in Palestine’ (4-11-2014). Click on this link. And, on November 5th, a short article with ten pictures appeared on the Facebook page of the Papal Mission in Jerusalem. Click on tis link. And on Click on this link.

Planting and taking care of the garden
In the first week of December we have had volunteers coming to Jeel al Amal from the north of the country. They brought in flowers, some plants and lemon trees for the new garden. The children were running from one place to the other each holding his own plant and digging to plant it. They were so excited and have had a great time.

Amazing how they are taking care of everything and are so proud of their little garden. It looks now even more beautiful with the new colourful plants all around.

Amazing how they are taking care of everything and are so proud of their little garden. It looks now even more beautiful with the new colourful plants all around.

    Najwa Sahhar/Sayegh