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IBAN: NL74 TRIO 0212 4877 79
* Beneficiary: Stichting
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In what language do children cry?

Volume 1 - JEEL NEWS - Issue 3
October 10th 2008

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In the picture

Alice Sahhar, when she said farewell to the children of Jeel al Amal.

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To all friends of Jeel Al Amal

Here is a picture of my dear mother. This was taken when she said farewell to the children of Jeel al Amal. She was very tired. She stood on the sidewalk and said: “I feel very happy now that I go to Jeel and see my boys, my children”. As she came home her legs could no longer support her. She fell to the ground.

The next morning she was in the ambulance to the hospital, half conscious. She wanted a phone at her side, to ask how the children were. In the hospital she said: “I love the poor and those who have nothing”.

The next day she was unconscious. It was getting worse with her. Her kidneys stopped and she got a bleeding. On October 2th at 3.00 in the morning her big heart stopped. She died at the age of 72 years. She had chosen a day on which everybody was on holiday for the Muslim Festival.

During the funeral the church was full. Even with her children who came from everywhere despite the difficulties of the limits and restrictions due to the Jewish feast. One of them said an impressive word about my mother: “Now I feel that I am an orphan without father and mother”. My mother’s face was full of light.

After the funeral the room was full of people. Everyone had a story of how he was helped by my mother. More than 400 people came that day. Sunday was a Holy Mass in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Wednesday was a condolence at Jeel al Amal, because people from the West Bank can not come to Jerusalem. The need a permit which is not easy to get.  

I can only hear my mother saying: “In what language do children cry?” She said it when a group of foreigners had asked her: “How many kids in Jeel are Christians?” Mother looked at people as human beings and not otherwise. My mother was a mother to a lot of people. We will miss her badly.   

    Najwa Sahhar-Sayegh